There’s currently an Open Playtest for Islands of Insight

A puzzle experience for all?

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The key art for Islands of Insight. A person with brown hair sits atop a cliff overlooking multiple small floating islands.

I briefly touched upon Islands of Insight in my highlights for the PC Gaming Show 2023, and I’m really excited that more information about the game is coming to light. It is a shared-world puzzle adventure game, an epic journey of exploration and discovery, set in a fantasy realm of ancient wonders and sublime landscapes. The best part? It can be explored at your own pace. Today, a new gameplay trailer was released alongside the launch of an Open Playtest.

Players take on the role of a Seeker, embarking on the Path of Discovery and letting curiousity be their guide through a world where the answer you seek is always within sight. Seek out and solve a rich variety of puzzles, each carefully places and crafted to be relaxing yet challenging and satisfying. Puzzles vary in difficulty, creating an experience for both newcomers and seasoned puzzle fans.

Wander the landscape on foot, or spread your wings to glide above it. Complete puzzle quests to unlock new areas and adventures in the campaign. There is no linear path, so players can freely choose where to go, what to solve, and in what order. The shared world allows for seamless interactions with other players without being intrusive when it comes to solo journeys.

The below trailer showcases some of the game’s sublime landscapes and mysterious puzzles that define the game’s core experience. Puzzles range from enigmas or perspective to mazes, logic puzzles, and environmental challenges.

Now, onto the Open Playtest! From now until September 21, players can request access to the playtest via Island of Insight’s Steam page. This is the first opportunity for players to share their feedback with the developer and publisher. As part of the open playtest, players will seek out and solve a wide variety of densely-spread puzzles, freely explore an open world at their own page, complete quests to progress through the game’s campaign, unlock new areas, and reveal lore.

“We’re focused on creating an experience that brings something new and different to the puzzle genre,” says Carla Rylance, Head of External Production at Behaviour Interactive, through a press release. “We’re still in active development and so players participating in our playtest will be treated to a taste of Islands of Insight’s expansive world, game mechanics, and puzzles, with lots still left to discover down the road. Putting the game into players’ hands for the first time and getting their feedback is incredibly exciting for us as we continue to build this unique puzzle adventure.”

Developed by Lunarch Studios and published by Behaviour Interactive, Islands of Insight will be released for PC via Steam.

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