Monster-taming roguelite Abomi Nation is coming to consoles

Based on the (Pokémon) Nuzlocke challenge.

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The key art for Abomi Nation.

Abomi Nation is described as a cute, casual monster-taming roguelite, it sets out to spice up the genre with a unique blend of characters and gameplay elements. It’s designed to be both replayable and customizable. It’s a fun-filled journey with captivating monsters, strategic battles, and boundless adventures. It has been available for PC since July 2021, but it’s now poised to make a leap to Nintendo and Xbox consoles.

In Abomi Nation, no two island runs or teams are alike, so each playthrough should be a unique experience. The island itself is a living entity, transforming with each new run. Adventurers can expect fresh challenges, towns, NPCs, and discoveries. New Abomi forms can be unlocked, new areas can be explored, and a variety of items can be accesses through successive runs.

The game features a turn-based combat system where mastering elements, strengths, and weaknesses of enemies is the key to success. There are over 175 Abomis to befriend, each with unique abilities and charm, allowing great freedom to create teams. There are attacks like Infernal Blast and Quivering Quake, and rallying cries like Speech.

As the adventure unfolds, the bonds between any two Abomis will grow. This causes them to behave differently when their friends are in danger. Their different personalities will impact how each Abomi will react to the same situation. Players can boost their team’s stats by eating together, playing mini-games, and participating in events offered by townsfolk.

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The game was actually inspired by the Nuzlocke challenge, a set of rules meant to increase the difficulty while playing Pokémon. There are two basic rules: the player may only catch the first wild Pokémon encountered in each area (if it fails, you cannot try again), and any Pokémon that faints is considered dead and must be released (no reviving). That being said, players are able to customize their journey in Abomi Nation, whether they seek the thrill of perma-death of a more relaxed adventure.

Developed by Orange Pylon Games and published by Dangen Entertainment, Abomi Nation will be released for Nintendo Switch and Xbox on September 28. It is currently available for PC.

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