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Hello friends, supporters and dear readers!

Once per year, we like to run a simple survey of our readers. It helps us shape our coverage and how we go about the site, the coverage we prepare and prioritise, and generally speaking your experience of the site.

This is actually the first time we’ve run this survey since the big re-design and re-launch this year, so your feedback will be particularly valuable as we continue to work on the site.

It will only take you five minutes to fill out, and all answers are completely, 100 per cent anonymous. We don’t even collect email address or names. We’re purely looking to collect productive data because DDNet is, ultimately, driven by having readers, so we want to know what you’re looking from us when you visit.

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Sincerely, thank you for being such amazing readers of DDNet, and we all thank you for your continued support!

Matt S. is the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of DDNet. He's been writing about games for over 20 years, including a book, but is perhaps best-known for being the high priest of the Church of Hatsune Miku.

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