Return to Glorantha in Six Ages 2: Lights Going Out

Enter a living storybook.

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A screenshot from Six Ages 2: Lights Going Out.

I love games where decisions can change your fate, and Six Ages 2: Lights Going Out promises that experience. It takes place ten generations after the events of the original game, and again has players making difficult choices and engaging in turn-based combat to ensure the survival of their clan. And it’s being release quite soon!

The game is a survival storybook that combines interactive fiction and turn-based strategy. The world is ending and the player’s small clan is just trying to survive; how successful they are depends on its relationship with the remaining gods and their followers. It is set in Glorantha, one of the richest and oldest game settings ever created (in this regard, it is similar to games like RuneQuest). The world is in its Bronze Age, and undergoing transformation. Some gods have already perished and humanity is close to total annihilation. They laws of physics are subordinate to the whims of the gods and spirits.

Six Ages 2: Lights Going Out is a standalone sequel to Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind. Returning players will be able to bring in their save from Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind to carry over some of their choices. New players can start a new story, with no prior decisions effecting the game.

Managing a clan can be quite complex. Players will have to explore the wilderness, trading (or raiding) their neighbours, settle disputes (be it mundane, spiritual, or political), improve livestock pastures, make offerings, build altars, and travel to the Otherworld. There isn’t usually a right or wrong decision, because each situation is unique. Choices will have socio-economic impact and advisors may squabble amongst themselves. Some consequences won’t be clear for decades.

Six Ages 2: Lights going out in described as “immensely replayable,” and has over 500 interactive scenes. The episodes are short and saves are automatic, so it’s great to pick up for a few minutes at a time if that’s all the time you have. The built-in saga records the story and advisors help track promises, though they can be kind of judgemental.

Developed by A Sharp and published by Kitfox Games (the people who publish amazing games like Pupperazzi), Six Ages 2: Lights Going Out will be released for iOS and PC/Mac via Steam “this summer,” so Q2-3.


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