Mineko’s Night Market launches for PS, Xbox soon after PC, Switch

Cats, cats, cats!

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A screenshot from Mineko's Night Market.

Mineko’s Night Market is just adorable. The game is a heartwarming story about friendship, choices, and cats. Yesterday during Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase, we learned its release date for Nintendo Switch, which is the same day as it’s PC launch. And it isn’t only coming to those two platforms, though; it will also be coming to PlayStation and Xbox. Unfortunately, it launches a month later – but that’s better than not launching on those platforms at all!

Players will explore a superstitious town at the base out mysterious Mount Fugu. Then town is absolutely overrun by cats. (Like that’s a problem. I’d love to live somewhere that’s been overrun by cats. Oh… wait… I do.) They’ll craft crafts, eat eats, and cat cats. Discover the secrets of the town and manage daily activities by completing various jobs, quests, and resource-gathering to prepare for the weekly market. Alternative modes of transportation – like buses, trains, and cat carts – to travel to far-off lands. Each location has something special, along with townspeople to meet.

Here’s the trailer that was shown off yesterday:

After collecting resources and crafting odd items of art, trinkets, and toys, the goal is to sell to prospective customers at the night market. When players are done selling, they can use that money on other items from the market. Different vendors offer mini0games, culinary delights, and collectibles. There are 16 uniquely themed markets pet year, highlighted by a stage even that involves things like taiko drumming, sumo suit wrestling, Kabuki theatre, and karaoke competitions.

How you play is up to you. Strategize to be the most efficient, or play casually by making friends and uncovering mysteries.

Developed by Meowza Games and published by Humble Games, Mineko’s Night Market will be released for PC via Steam/Humble and Nintendo Switch on September 26. It will be released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One on October 26.


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