Forensics investigation game Tokyo Psychodemic announced for PC, consoles

Solve the unsolveable.

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I don’t have the opportunity to write about forensic games nearly enough, because there’s not nearly enough out there. But finally, I can! In a place where 5% of murders go unsolved, someone’s got to try and solve them. That’s the main goal in Tokyo Psychodemic, a 2D x cinematic realistic forensics investigation simulation game: go through those unsolved cases, cooperate with colleagues with specialized skills (like obtaining physical evidence), and solve cases using analytical tools. And your own investigative skills, of course.

The story is a bit convoluted, but I’ll do my best to sum it up here. It involves human ESP experimentation, Abnormal Cults, and a pandemic. Abnormal Cults have been experimenting on humans, but was pushed out of the public eye by the threat of an unknown virus with a fatality rate of 80%. The virus spread through Tokyo, and quickly. The major bureaucrats and the prime minister never even returned home. Then the Tokyo Lockdown happened. After declaring a state of emergency, the younger generation of politicians struggles with the situation. The provisional government may have been inexperienced, but it was competent enough to successfully overcome the worst of the situation.

Four years have passed. Abnormal Cults are still doing their work, now away from the public eye. They keep leaving traces of their existence as unexplained incidents. The protagonist has a history of being captured and experimented on, and turns his focus to a case that the police haven’t been able to solve. Their goal is to break ties with and the ambitions of the Abnormal Cult Order. In tragedy must be clues to connect the dots leading to the secluded psychics.

Players will investigate based on information of unsolved cases that arrives at a detective agency. This information includes circumstances, the victim’s personal information, activity from security cameras, etc. Collect and confirm the information on the evidence board (I prefer to call it a murder board, but I acknowledge their use outside of murder) and seek out the truth. The evidence board will help deduce how the evidence gathered relates to the case. Confirm everything believed about the case, from before it even happens to afterwards. Every piece of information will help infer why an incident occurred.

Developed and published by Gravity Game Arise, Tokyo Psychodemic will be released for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and Xbox One. It will have both Japanese and English language options.


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  • These type of games can be a good option to play with friends or a partner who doesn’t play many games and enjoy puzzle solving.
    I did the same with AI somnium files sequel, Underdog detective and the centennial case

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