Narrative adventure game Bilkin’s Folly will be coming to consoles in addition to PC

A boy and his dog, pixelated.

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A screenshot from Bilkin's Folly, depicting Percy and his dog. The dog is barking: "Woof! Woof!" They are standing in a cemetery.

Stories revolving around people and their dogs are basically timeless, and a shining beacon for any animal-lover. I think that’s why Bilkin’s Folly stands out for me. It’s a narrative pixel art adventure game about a treasure hunter, Percy, where he is shipwrecked with his dog and must find his way back to his crew. The game was announced for PC in January, and it’s now been announced that it will also be coming to consoles.

The game follows the titular character, Percival “Percy” Bilkins, a treasure hunter on a mission to find his missions mother and grandfather. Unfortunately, his ship is wrecked in a storm; luckily, he still has his dog Drayton at his side. Percy will have to find a new ship, reunite with his crew, and discover family secrets that will change his life. Since he’s a treasure hunter, he’ll of course also be digging for buried loot.

With the help of Drayton, Percy sets out to uncover every nook and cranny of the region. He is an excellent cartographer, and players can use this to customize the map to help solve puzzles and unlock secrets. Draw lines and place icons on the map to help with the treasure hunt. The puzzles can get pretty hard, and some will even need to be returned to later on to complete.

Bilkin’s Folly is set on a series of unusual, lively island filled with history, mystery, and treasure. The islands are home to some very quirky residents who will remember how Percy treats them along the way. Luckily, Percy and Drayton won’t be entirely alone, as crew for the ship can be recruited. In addition to the story, Percy will fish and join treasure hunting competitions. He’ll also pick locks, herd sheep, and more in minigames.

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Drayton isn’t just a follower, he’s actually integral to the fame. The friendship between him and Percy is perhaps the player’s biggest asset. Spend quality time together to level up the bond and earn points to use on new skills that can then be used to clear obstacles. This is when you may have to return places: one Drayton levels up to the skill required to complete a puzzle.

Developed by Webbysoft and published by Armor Games Studios, Bilkin’s Folly will be released for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch later this year.


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