That Little Witch Nobeta game sure is looking great (new trailer!)

What if Souls were anime and cute?

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Digitally Downloaded covers the new trailer for Little Witch Nobeta

Some have affectionally dubbed it “Loli Souls” (thankfully that has nothing to do with the creepier side of the loli fandom, it’s just that the game’s title, “Little Witch”, is quite appropriate). Idea Factory is bringing Little Witch Nobeta to consoles on March 7, and with every new trailer, we’re looking forward to it that much more.

The game looks like a more accessible take on the “Souls” formula. It still looks challenging, but more within the threshold for most players. Meanwhile, the art is quite gorgeous and darkly whimsical, and the boss enemies, in particular, are a visual treat.

In addition to the trailer, Idea Factory has announced some DLC costumes. They’ll be available in two packs – a “Bear and Bunny” pack for animal cosplay cuteness, and “Midnight Kitty, Nurse, and Chinese Dress” pack for an eclectic range of options. There will also be one exclusive costume for each console version – PlayStation 4 players get the Necromancer costume, while Switch players get the Vampire costume.

For those that find the Souls games (and most derivatives) a bit too grim and dark for their tastes, Little Witch Nobeta might just be the solution. It’s just over a month away from release now!

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  • I played the Japanese release (which includes English), and it’s a fun little game. Nowhere near as difficult as any real soulslike. A bit rough around the edges, reminscent of early PS3 Japanese action games in some ways, but I liked the art and gameplay.

    • You had me at “reminiscent of early PS3 Japanese action games”. I love that kind of thing. I can put up with some (or even a lot) of jank if there’s something unique and charming in there.

      I’ll be covering this game for sure!

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