Toaplan Shoot ‘Em Up Collection Vol. 1 now has a PC release date

Who doesn't like the classic pew pew?

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Zero Wing is coming to PC next year

The retro collection trend shows no signs of easing up, and now we’re starting to get announcements for far more niche collections of games such as the Toaplan Shoot ‘Em Up Collection Vol. 1 here. This is excellent to see.

Toaplan was definitely an original player in Japan’s games industry. During its years of operations – it’s founding in 1979 to its cessation of operations in 1994 – the arcade and side-scroller shooter games that it specialised in were well-regarded indeed.

From this library four games have been selected to form the collection.  These four retro titles, as briefly depicted in accompanying trailer footage released today, are Out Zone, Truxton, Twin Cobra, and Zero Wing (yes, the “all your base are belong to us” game). In addition to being able to play the classic games, fans will also enjoy added features and improvements that include an online leaderboard, reduced input lag, added achievements, instrument panels, and more, as well as various cheats like a ‘very easy mode’, rewind ability, and various others.

The ports are being handled by Bitwave Games – a studio recently acquired by Embracer Group – and will release on February 14 next year on both Steam and GOG.

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