Quilts & Cats of Calico will be pouncing onto PC

Cutest cat invasion ever.

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A screenshot from Quilts & Cats of Calico.

I can’t say I’ve heard of any board game featuring cats (I’m not saying they don’t exist), but Quilts & Cats of Calico is just that – a wholesome digital adaptation of Calico, a game about cats and quilting. The game immerses players in a warm, cozy world filled with cuddly cats. The game part happens beneath the cats, while they observe, run around, or nap. If you feel like it’s time to put down the guns or stop gutting aliens, this may just be the game for you!

The puzzle board game is for 1-4 players. It involves meeting cats and sewing quilts. Players can play solo or multiplayer, or chose to delve into the story about a tailor battling a large corporation. The main task is to make a quilt from patterned fabric scraps. Smart combinations of colours and patterns will be awarded with points and sew-on buttons, which attract the adorable kitties. The digital adaptation will be familiar to fans of the game, but also has variations of the rules and mechanics in campaign play; new scenarios are also available.

Can you pet the cat? Absolutely. You can also shoo them when they get in the way.

The Story Mode campaign is set in a Studio Ghibli-inspired world where cats can thaw even the most frozen of hearts. Players become an itinerant tailor traveling the war-stricken world, sewing quilts. They’ll have to stand up to a ruthless corporation threatening their livelihood. Along the way, friends and cats may prove to be invaluable resources.

While the game has only been announced for PC, the press release does hint at what to come: it promises cross-platform multiplayer, where players can play with friends or against random players in ranked matches. Online gameplay also features weekly challenges and player rankings. When it comes to solo mode, it faces players off against an AI of varying difficulty levels; the developer says it can be used to hone skills in a relaxed atmosphere.

Developed by Monster Couch, and published by Monster Couch and Flatout Games, Quilts & Cats of Calico will be released on PC.


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