Hellish roguelike shooter, Perish, has a release date

Everyone loves a good trip into the underworld.

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How far would you go to reach Elysium? A realm conception described in ancient mythologies of boundless riches and death alike – basically proto-Judeo-Christian heaven! Is it worth the arduous boss fights and countless corpses? Haven’t made your mind up yet? That’s absolutely fine! You’ll soon enough be able to take a trial run in Perish, an upcoming title by publisher HandyGames, and indie development studio ITEM42.

Perish is a FPS roguelike with multiplayer for up to four people – the latter being an addition that has come later to the party and resulted in the developer delaying the release of the game, but a welcome addition that promises some good times. And now the release date is getting close – the game will launch on Steam, GOG and Epic Games store on February 2 of next year.

Sadly, there’s no console announcement just yet, but you can be sure that if Perish sells well that will be a thing that happens down the track.

In Perish, you control a gold-hungry individual delving deep into the underworlds of ancient mythology, known as Purgatory. Along the way, you’ll meet many creatures and monsters, and they’ll all want to ruin you. It otherwise looks like a pretty traditional roguelike, with plenty of loot to gather and, no doubt, a hugely challenging difficulty curve that is going test you, whether you go it on your own or bring friends along for the nightmare.

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