SIGNALIS is promising the oblivion of cosmic horror. Yes, please!

Horror is best when no one can hear you scream.

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In recent years, a reprisal of retro art styles has taken the limelight of indie horror games. While some aren’t too keen on it, we do like our retro aesthetics at DDNet, so the upcoming release of SIGNALIS by rose-engine has certainly caught our attention!

Between the art, the classic survival horror core gameplay elements, and the plot dripping with dystopia and sci-fi, this is a promising game with a strong melancholic tone behind it.

You start your journey as Elster, a sentient Replika humanoid android who, previously, was a technician onboard a now-wrecked vessel on a barren planet of a completely colonised solar system. With humanity under the iron grip of the totalitarian regime of Eusan, Elster must traverse through the bowels of a barely functional, ruined spacecraft and facility, which at least beats sitting around in cryostasis! The gusting of cold wind and whirring of unstable machinery in and around these facilities do wonders to make sure you’re always feeling just a little uncomfortable at all times.

Along the way, you’ll have to manage your scarce resources, intuitively solve puzzles to progress, and face off against creatures that are far from peaceful. While combat is a last resort, it is as bloody and brutal as you could imagine for a cosmic horror title like this.

With a release date set just a few days before Halloween (October 27), there isn’t too much time to wait before you’ll be able to delve into the abandoned facility of SIGNALIS. It’ll be fully cross-platform, and available on the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC (via Steam).

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