Podcast-in-Video: Gamers really need to learn more about game development

Game development just isn't what you think it is.

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The recent GTA VI hack, and the subsequent fallout from people criticising how “bad” it looks, inspired this segment in this month’s podcast, as it really caught us all by surprise a little. We’re used to gamers having a generally poor understanding of how games are made, but what we didn’t expect was that they thought games were created to be at maximum graphical fidelity early on.

Then, in the same week, a certain superstar YouTuber decided to launch a publisher, assuming that because he “knows a good game when he plays one” he must therefore be able to publish them. That, too, amazed us for the sheer ignorance involved. So we talk about that in-depth here.

Basically, folks, if you want to have opinions on how games get made, learn a bit about it first. Don’t forget that this is just part of our monthly podcast, which is a nearly two-hour show. To tune in to it all, click here.

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