Loop8: Summer of Gods is a youthful JRPG and it has just been given a release date

Marvelous doing the lord's work, bringing us this one.

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News about Marvelous’ next upcoming project, Loop8: Summer of Gods has been gaining momentum in both Western and European news circles for a few weeks now after an announcement was made last month that would indeed be getting this promising-looking game on our shores.

Now we have a specific date. It’s coming on March 21 and will be available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Time to get excited!

Loop8: Summer of Gods describes itself as a “juvenile JRPG”, and it follows the common anime trope of an ordinary juvenile high school boy who must undergo trials of extraordinary proportions, well above the concerns of modern schooling! In this particular story, the protagonist, Nini, must wade his way through summer relationships and “Kegai” (the extraordinary, calamitous component of Nini’s story) alike, all set in the beautiful rural scape of Ashiharanakatsu!

The game itself features a character interaction system we haven’t really seen before, working behind the scenes as you go along your day. It’s been coined the “Maturity System,” and might affect your decision-making, as it influences each character’s emotions and ensures the story is constantly dynamic and in motion. And above all, it adds a whole other dimension to Loop8’s replayable factor!

It does seem like something of an odd project for Marvelous to be taking on for a global release, but we’re certainly happy to see it. The more publishers willing to bring interesting ideas our way, the better.

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