Kukoos: Lost Pets is getting a full release this December

Dawwwww. They're so cute!

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After a string of serious, story-driven releases, evoking emotions of pure and extreme elation and despair, it’s good to mellow out with a casual platformer like Kukoos: Lost Pets!

The game comes from Petit Fabrik, a game development studio comprised of just a few guys from Brazil, and who are new to the game dev scene. They’ve collaborated with Modus Games to create this fun little project, currently in early access.

As per the Steam page:

“The Kukoo Tree, once a safe haven for Kukoos, has been taken over in a rebellion of brainwashed pets, and it’s up to you to set things right. If you want to save the Kukoo Tree, you’ll need to travel through a tour of distinct, colourful worlds in the adventure of a lifetime solo or with friends.”

That’s right! It’s a classic story of rebellion crushing and tree liberation!

Kukoos: Lost Pets had previously, since December 14, 2021, launched in early access for PC via Steam, allowing players to have an incomplete, yet succinct experience, wading through various puzzles requiring the utilisation of all of the game’s five different characters. As announced today, however, we can now all look forward to Kukoos: Lost Pets’ full release, coming in just a couple of months. In addition to regular old bug fixes, and balancing and textural changes, we can expect an influx of unlockable levels, eight new playable Kukoos, an all-new drop-in drop-out multiplayer system, and more.

It will also be getting a console release, so you can pick it up on the PS4, the Switch, and Steam for PC on December 6, with ports to the PS5, Xbox Series, and Xbox One available sometime next year.

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