Boti came from a game jam. Now it’s a delightful-looking full game

A new cute protagonist has entered the fight!

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Purple Ray Studio is an indie startup studio from Poland that created Boti Boy for an Unreal game jam back in 2021. Apparently the team was happy with what they’d come up with, because now there’s a full-scale game in the works, simply titled Boti, and if that can capture the same qualities as its predecessor we could be in for a good game indeed.

Boti is due for release next year, and will be a 3D platformer, set in the insides of a computer, much like the game jam project was.

In terms of features, it will have everything you could hope for! Drop-in/drop-out co-op gameplay, combat against glitches and computer viruses, vehicles, dynamic maps, and more. In fact, if you were in any way accustomed to the original Boti Boy from Purple Ray Studio’s game jam, you’ll know that they both share many common features, so this will in practice be the fully realised version of the original vision.

A colourful environment and cute robotic art style combine together in a way that perfectly matches the sort of gameplay you’ll be experiencing. It’s easy to roll your eyes at colourful ‘toon platformers, but these things are timeless for a reason, and in fairness Boti does have a style all of its own.

Game jams often are the birthplace of so many great ideas. Sadly, too few of them graduate their free download and only ever remain a great idea. Well done to these developers for being able to build on their vision into a full project.

Stay tuned for more information as the full release draws closer!

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