We don’t know how a To The Moon beach side-story will work, but it’s happening!

We seriously don't know how this is going to work...

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There isn’t any way to properly articulate just how heart-wrenchingly emotive the original To the Moon was when it had first released back in 2011. We’re not sure how a beach-themed side-story is meant to work, given most beach episodes are not exactly the most emotionally hard-hitting, but that’s what Freebird Games is doing.

Now, it has been over a decade since the time of To the Moon, so a quick refresher might help you understand why we’re so intrigued by just what this thing might be. The original To The Moon followed the plot of two doctors, Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts, who have the ability to give their patients another chance to live the entirety of their lives through time-travelling memory access. This comes into play with the introduction of Johnny, an elderly man on his deathbed, whose one dream, of course, is to go to the moon.

It’s certainly a game I would not recommend if you don’t like crying, but otherwise, it was one of the best examples of the medium of video games being capable of portraying stories of weight and consequence. It ended up being the first iteration of a loose series of time-travelling titles from the developer (the others being Finding Paradise, released in 2017, and Imposter Factory, 2021), and now we have this beach episode to look forward to.

While the current Steam listing leaves a lot for the mind to wonder in terms of storyline and narrative, the description is a lot of fun:

Get ready for a new short adventure as the SigCorp. crew takes off to an all-expenses-paid vacation at the Golden Lobster Hotel & Resort! For a grand total of 1 day, which is apparently the most the company was willing to fork out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Join familiar faces from To the Moon, Finding Paradise, and Impostor Factory in this narrative adventure filled with mini-games of varying elements, mysteries and relaxation, as well as–

…Wait, most of the characters here should already be dead.

The game releases later this year or early 2023 for PC.


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