FALLING OUT is the next in the neverending roguelite adventure market

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Falling Out Coming To Consoles Next Week

While a triple-A studio will brute-force open world games and FPSers onto the market with massive development budgets, indies usually need to target a more modest genre. The classic platformer roguelite, for example. That’s what developers, PolyCrunch Games, are doing with FALLING OUT.

FALLING OUT will be published by Firestroke, and is a 2D roguelite adventure, following the plot of two misfit adventurers, Giorgio and Felicie, as they navigate through procedurally-generated ancient kingdoms and flooded temples in search of treasure. However, like everything else in life, nothing comes easy! You’ll have to utilise the two adventurers in single-player/co-op mode to overcome environment traps, puzzles, and challenges.

Of course, any roguelite worth its salt has a vast catalogue of assisting weapons and items, in this case being crafted with various scraps and resources, and the decoding of ancient and contemporary blueprints. And if you’re looking to contribute to your local businesses, you can purchase these supplementary items from Azar, the local (and equally lost) shopkeeper.

It’s pleasant to see co-op gameplay becoming a norm for these sorts of roguelites, but there’s always the question then about whether the game will be as enjoyable in single-player as with a friend. Nevertheless, FALLING OUT will be available to all players on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, Switch, and PC (via Steam) in just a week, on October 6.


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