Vive la revolution! Get your Steelrising beta on!

Mechanical revolutions are the best revolutions.

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It’s been a while since we heard the announcement of Steelrising, an action RPG in development by Spiders Studio and published by Nacon. But a new closed beta was just announced today and it’s an ample opportunity to go over some of the game’s development!

Firstly, if you are interested in playing the beta, you’ll need to purchase a copy of the game, either on Steam for PC, PS5, or Xbox Series, though it should be noted that the full release is just around the corner on September 8 anyway – you’re just getting access a little early, really.

Though Spiders Studio has had a checkered past, of late the company has been proving to be one of the most interesting developers of RPGs out there, with the likes of GreedFall and The Technomancer, in particular, being really, deeply interesting games, backed up with increasingly high-quality gameplay from the team.

Steelrising is certainly one of these ‘interesting projects’, exploring the idea of an alternate reality French Revolution time period where King Louis XVI exploited the usage of legions of automata to quell the peoples’ rebellions and essentially chokehold the city of Paris. This is where our hero comes in, an exceptionally crafted rogue automaton tasked with braving the King’s army and resetting the course of history. In addition to the usual standard combat mechanics you might expect to see, Steelrising offers elements of character customisation through ability upgrades and avid exploration of the war-torn city of Paris.

Above all, it’s a pleasure to see the developers utilise 18th-century France in a way more meaningful than simple cosmetics and aesthetics. The story is intertwined with famous individuals of the French Revolution, and aims at a map, above all, akin to real life.

“You are one of the main characters of an alternative history where Paris is being choked by a tyrant king. Allies and enemies with unclear motives will cross your path, such as Marie-Antoinette, Lafayette, and Robespierre. It’s up to you to cut a path through all the plotting and put an end to one man’s madness so that the French Revolution succeeds,” the promo material reads. It’s hard not to be excited by that.


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