Slice Sengoku evil in Samurai Maiden

Unlock special abilities by K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

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Four girls are taking a selfie in this screenshot from Samurai Maiden.

We knew a bit about Samurai Maiden a few days ago; it was teased by D3 Publisher as being a new “project” and we believed to have deciphered the title at that time – and we were right! D3 Publisher has officially announced Samurai Maiden, a hack’n’slash game that follows a student who wakes up in the past where the underworld has been unearthed. Our heroine, Tsumugi Tamaori, will have to fight along The Gokage (ninjas) to rewrite history. Slaughter the evils in the Sengoku period while establishing relationships with The Gokage as the temple burns in the background.

It’s schoolgirls meets ninjas in Samurai Maiden. Tsumugi will have to team up with new friends and use her incredible sword skills to defeat the undead that has been unearthed. Of course, there’s more to it than that, but let’s start off by watching the announcement trailer:

Tsumugi falls asleep during a boring old history class. When she awakens, she is with historical figure Nobunaga Oda (the first great unifier of Japan). They find themselces at Honnoji Temple, where the underworld has opened up. Tsumugi has trained in the art of sword fighting as a hobby (convenient…) and finds herself thrust into battle after being gifted an evil warding blade by Nobunaga Oda, who steps into the underworld to put an end to the calamity. Tsumugi may not be a very good history student, but even she recognizes Nobunaga Oda as the hero of the Sengoku period.

The good news: Tsumugi is not alone! She meets three friendly ninjas at the Temple, who go by the name The Gokage. These girls decide to brave the underworld alongside their new companion. The three girls are Iyo, hardworking with a variety of tools; Hagane, older with a mechanical body; and Komimi, a genius with a unique jutsu. The new team of four girls will laugh, quarrel, and fight alongside each other.

The Gokage really come in handy when it comes to the “Gokage System.” It allows for a rapid combination of Tsumugi’s sword style and The Gokage’s powerful ninjutsu. They also have special unlockable abilities, unlocked by locking lips. Oh, the irony of unlocking something by locking something else! They will need to trust each other before they start making out, though.

Developed by Shade Inc. and published by D3 Publisher, Samurai Maiden will be released for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch by the end of 2022.

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