Konami’s new “rhythm” Bomberman title will only be available for Apple users.

Disco bombin'.

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It’s safe to say that over the years just about everyone has played a Bomberman game – or at least a knock-off alternative. Whether your mouth begins to froth up at a new release in the franchise, or it provides a sizeable kick of nostalgia, the latest instance of Bomberman, Amazing Bomberman, has been announced by Konami to release solely on the Apple Arcade on August 5.

I’m sure I don’t need to explain the basics of Bomberman gameplay to you, but this release offers more than a remastered version of the 1983 version with a couple of gimmicks sprinkled in here and there. Amazing Bomberman is being marketed as a rhythm action game, with a list of key features including:

  • Online battles.
  • a fusion of the classic Bomberman experience wrapped with a blanket of dynamic environments and stages that change according to the rhythm of the game’s music.
  • A complete and original soundtrack specially made for Amazing Bomberman.
  • Multiple game modes; aforementioned online battles, solo practice, and a “Friend Battle” mode.
  • Item collection and customisation.

If you’d like to see how exactly the soundtrack changes the game, Konami has released a gameplay trailer, where we can see changes to abilities and the map happening in real-time. Although, it should be prefaced that it’s more of a classic Bomberman release with elements of rhythm, rather than a rhythm game of full entirety.

For those who don’t have an Apple device and are a bit disappointed by the exclusivity (for now at least), perhaps you’ll find some solace in Super Bomberman R2, releasing on Steam for PC, PS4, PS5, and the Xbox One & Series next year as a celebration of Bomberman’s 40th anniversary. Everyone gets some Bomberman!


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