Podcast-in-Video: The Big Game Releases In June

Which of the big June releases will you be playing?

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The Big June 2022 Game Releases

NOTE: This month our usual video editor wasn’t available, so instead you can just enjoy footage from a bunch of games I’ve been playing recently. These aren’t June releases – apologies for any confusion, but things will be back to normal next month.

We’re doing something a little bit different with the podcasts than we have in the past. Rather than upload a ~2 hour video and make you watch it in all one go, we’re breaking things up a bit more so you can more easily watch on YouTube.

Note: We’ve also removed the music now. Too much of a copyright strike risk on YouTube. If you do want to tune in to the whole podcast in one go, download it to your device of choice here (music included): https://digitallydownloaded.podbean.com/

All those disclaimers aside, now: Here are all the big game releases in June (it’s a busy month). What are you looking forward to playing the most?

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