NISA introduces us to the heroes of Trails From Zero in a new trailer

Looking forward to gettin' our Trails on.

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The Legend of Heroes Trails from Zero new trailer!

The release of a The Legend of Heroes game is always an exciting event. This series has, over quite some time now, bubbled along as the JRPG for the most committed JRPG fans, with rich worldbuilding, character writing, and classical JRPG combat coming together to produce something that isn’t necessarily flashy, but is of an uncompromisingly high standard.

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The next Heroes game that we’ll be getting in English is actually one of the older ones. Trails From Zero was originally released on the PSP, and then various other platforms in Japan, but never in English. Then a fan translation came along, and NISA partnered up with those fans to get an official localisation over the line. All of this is a good thing, because by all accounts (though I haven’t played it), this is a highlight of Nihon Falcom’s entire history.

The game releases on PlayStation, Switch and PC on September 27. In the meantime, we’ve got a character trailer to watch, which introduces us to all the awesome characters we have to look forward to.

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  • NIS isn’t introducing friggin anything to us, NIS is re-introducing the characters from the game they *took* from us. I’m still bitter that the fan translation has been taken away for multiple years and turned into EGS exclusive bullshit. NIS isn’t giving us anything.

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