Final Fantasy Tactics-inspired Banchou Tactics launching in 2023

I've always wanted to be a delinquent!

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A screenshot from Banchou Tactics. One team of two students battles one team of three students in the gymnasium.

Turn-based strategy is great. These games are kind of like chess, as each player takes one turn by moving and using one character, then another character goes, and so on. Generally, there is no time limit on these moves, so you can really think through what you’re about to do. It’s what I love about Final Fantasy Tactics, and I’m certainly not alone in that though. Today, a game inspired by FF Tactics (plus River City Ranson) was announced: Banchou Tactics. It’s about a war between three schools filled with delinquents.

The bloody war has been ongoing for several years now. It involves three high schools: Sakae High School Nakamura Technical High School, and Minato High School. Each believes they run their Japanese city, and the war rages with no thought towards basic humanity. Last year the demon king of Minato High School graduated and the balance of power between the three schools collapsed. The game is specifically set in Minato High School, and revolves around student Taiga Arashi.

The developer, Secret Character, is based in Bangkok. In a message on Flyhigh Times, someone named “Ping” from the studio reflects on the past, present, and future of Banchou Tactics. “We are a small team based in Bangkok. We love Japanese games, manga, anime, culture, and everything,” states Ping. “We want to create the same kind of Japanese games we have played since we were kids. Several years ago, we developed a game for iOS calledZombie Hero: Kiki strikes back. It has over 1 million downloads. Our investor, ITSARAAMATA, also likes Japanese culture. They are good at creating concepts and stories. We at Secret Character share the same vision, and we appreciate all the support given to us during game production. We are still in the middle of production of Banchou Tactics, but we would be grateful if everyone would add this to their Wishlist!”

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Banchou Tactics features 2D pixel graphics, but on a 3D stage. There’s a blood group system, special attacks, a knock back system, and a combo system in battle.

Developed by Secret Character and published by Flyhigh Works, with an investment from ITSARAAMATA, Banchou Tactics will be released for PC via Steam in early 2023.

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