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Poll by Matt S.

Howdy folks! We’re looking forward to getting back into the full swing of things next week! In the meantime, though, with 2021 being such a massive year for DDNet, we wanted to poll our wonderful readers to help shape our approach in 2022!

It really was a massive year for DDNet. We launched three all-new “products” (the weekly newsletter, the merchandise store, and the Dee Dee Zine), significantly scaled up our efforts in other areas (such as the awards), and started to take the Website in some new editorial directions. It has been exciting and rewarding, but the start of a new year is always a good time to take stock and plan, and we do want to hear what you all think about what we’re doing, and how we can scale up DDNet even more for your benefit. 
We’ve organised a really short survey. It will only take you five minutes to fill out, and the responses will be enormously useful to us. It’s all completely, 100 per cent anonymous (we’re not even asking for emails or names here), so unleash on us if you absolutely have to, but we’re really hoping that the constructive feedback that you provide us will help a great deal in continuing to build this as the best, most unique, different and interesting independent gaming website out there. 
Thank you for being such awesome readers last year, and I’m really excited about what the year ahead will bring.

– Matt S.
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