The October issue of the Dee Dee Zine is now live… PLUS read one of the earlier magazines for free!

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News by Matt S.

Did you know that the October issue of the Dee Dee Zine is actually our sixth? We’ve been doing this for half a year already! Anyhow, it’s live now, and has some cracking features, including:

– A look at the “bad endings” of visual novels and what they add to the experience.
– The philosophy of sexualisation and capitalism.
– The reason that so many Japanese artists make so many games set in schools.
– Why Ogre Battle deserves better than Square Enix.
– Why you should read Tokyo Vice. Especially if you’re a fan of Yakuza games!
– An interview with the developer of the most wholesome game of 2021 – Bunhouse!
– And more!

As usual, you’ll get your copy of the magazine simply by supporting us on Patreon: for as little as $1/month, not only do you support the hard work we do both here and on YouTube, but you get that magazine each month – it’s the cheapest games magazine you’ll ever find!

This month, I also wanted to give you a sense of what this magazine series is about, so I’m making the June edition of the magazine available to everyone. To get a taste of the Dee Dee Zine, click here. Naturally, if you do go on to support us on Patreon, you’ll be able to access all back issues. You’ll also be able to download them on PDF if you’d like to print them out, or read them on your tablet. Which will be quite a lot of reading to catch up on at this point!

Thanks as always for your support. We don’t spam you with ads and “sponsored content,” precisely because we would rather focus on producing good quality games and art coverage, and allowing you to support us directly if we’re adding value for you. So thank you to everyone that has supported DDNet in one way or another!

– Matt S.
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