Lost Judgment: What makes this game absolutely brilliant

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Video by Matt S.

Lost Judgment is brilliant on just about every level; it has the same sense of humour as the Yakuza series, and the same quality action. At the same time, just like with Judgment before it, the shift in perspective, from yakuza members to detectives, offers up some fascinating dynamics that are wholly the game’s own.

In this video we look at two key themes that help to make Lost Judgment such a compelling game, and so difficult to put down.

Links to the article and book I refer to in this video:

The review of Yakuza 3 by the yakuza: https://boingboing.net/2010/08/10/yakuza-3-review.html

Tokyo Vice: https://www.amazon.com/Tokyo-Vice-American-Reporter-Police/dp/0307475298

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