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Welcome to Digitally Downloaded’s regular catch-up news feature. With each issue we will bring you the best news that you may have missed. Grab the biggest mug you’ve got, fill it with your favourite brew, and catch up with us (and our favourite news anchor, Dee Dee)!

Life is Strange: True Colors DLC planned, but the game is delayed for Switch

It’s a bit of a give-and-take with Life Is Strange: True Colors news this week. DLC is coming (yay!) but the Nintendo Switch version of the game is delayed (boo). Surprisingly, the DLC (titled Wavelengths) is actually arriving quite soon after the base game’s launch. The main game follows Alex, but the DLC focuses on Steph. Here’s a trailer:

Steph is a radio host for Haven’s only radio station, KRCT. The DLC takes us through her life for four seasons, allowing players to learn more about her, her relationships, and the secrets of the local record store. There are several gameplay features, including choosing what to play on the radio, dealing with caller problems, and choosing possible romances via a dating app. Wavelengths has its own soundtrack that includes songs from Girl in Red, Alt-J, Portugal, Local Natives, and more.

Developed by Deck Nine (Life is Strange: Before the Storm) and published by Square Enix, Life Is Strange: True Colors will launch for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series on September 10. The Wavelength DLC will be available September 30. As of now, there’s no release date for the Nintendo Switch version, but it should be out later this year.

11 bit studios announces Frostpunk sequel

Ever since This War of Mine, I’m all in with 11 bit studios, and I’m thrilled that its society/survival game Frostpunk is getting a sequel. Very creatively titled Frostpunk 2, the game takes place 30 years after the first title’s apocalyptic blizzard. Take a look at the announcement trailer:

Frostpunk 2 blends city building, strategy, and management. Players become the leader of a city in dire need of resources. Coal is so yesterday, with the new goal being to tap the land for oil – but not everyone agrees with this strategy. The player can choose the direction to go, and whether they rule with an iron fist or a bit more empathy. “Players should expect … a wide universe of choices, the freedom to shape the society and the city however they see fit – and reap the consequences,” co-director Jakob Stokalski states in a press release.

Developed and published by 11 bit studios and Frostpunk 2 has only been announced for PC via Steam, but I fully expect it to end up on most current-gen consoles at some point. As of now, there is no release date.

Lake will be released next month

While it only had a small spot in the Future Games Show at this year’s E3, Lake stood out. There’s no shooting, no gore, no horror; what you’ll find in this slice-of-life interactive story are common choices and common people. There’s nothing abnormal about the world, which in itself is abnormal when compared to most of the video games out there. Watch June’s E3 trailer here:

It’s the mid-80s, and Meredith has left a career (at least temporarily) at a software company in a big city to return to her hometown and fill in for her dad as the local mail carrier. She spends two weeks there, reuniting with old friends and meeting new people. The player decides who she talks to, who she befriends, and who she romances; they also decide what she does after work and whether or not she will stay in town after the two weeks are over. As for the mail truck, take over the controls, or let it auto-pilot.

Developed by Gamious and published by Whitethorn Games, Lake will be released for PC via Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series on September 1. It will come to other platforms later on, although the specifics remain unknown at this time.

Two new Touhou Project titles are coming to PC

Touhou Project games have a certain amount of magic about them, for whatever reason. So it’s extra exciting that not one, but two games have been announced for PC. Kubinashi Recollection and Three Fairies’ Hoppin’ Flappin’ Great Journey! will both launch this year. Here are trailers for both:

Kubinashi Recollection is described as a visual novel action puzzle game. Sekibanki can do some pretty funky things with her head, and will have to utilise this odd skills to retrieve lost memories.  Three Fairies’ Hoppin’ Flappin’ Great Journey! is a tactics algorithm RPG, which is the first time I’ve ever heard of this genre. This spin-off RPG follows Sunny Milk, Luna Child, and Star Sapphire – three students of a fairie school whose spring break is destroyed by another student who was lashing out at being held back nine years in a row. Here’s the thing: the three fairies aren’t terrible smart in battle, so it’s entirely up to the player to sort them out.

Both titles are developed by yomogi_soft and published by Phoenixx. Kubinashi Recollection will launch for PC via Steam as well as Nintendo Switch later this year. Three Fairies’ Hoppin’ Flappin’ Great Journey! will launch for PC via Steam on August 26.

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