PQube announces the release date for “steamy noir VN,” Bustafellows

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News by Matt S.

When it rains, it pours. We just got a duo of excellent detective noir visual novels from Nintendo in Famicom Detective Club, and now maverick publisher, PQube, has a big announcement to follow up on that; its detective otome VN, Bustafellows, will release on PC and Nintendo Switch on July 30.

In this game, you’ll be dealing with murder and mysteries while also romancing five “dangerous fellows”. There will be side stories and multiple endings, and puzzles to solve along the way… and this is going to be a long adventure indeed. 80 hours, PQube claims.

You’ll be playing as Teuta, a young, independent journalist-turned-detective, who has a strong sense of justice and righteousness that she obtained after witnessing the horrific murder of her brother at a young age. The result is, PQube claims, is “a thrilling plot about love, loss, fear, and fortune as you strive to save the life of your friends.”

It sounds good, right? In true PQube style, there’s also a truly deluxe special edition to buy if you’re a collector, which includes the CD soundtrack and a “People Weekly magazine” featuring the cast (which should give you a sense of the tone and aesthetic to expect from this game, I suspect).

I do believe this is PQube’s first foray into otome VNs, and it looks like they’ve picked a pretty compelling one. The art is gorgeous, the premise intriguing, and the trailer really caught our attention. You’ll be jumping in on this one in just a few months.

– Matt S. 

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