Aussies are getting really early access to that mobile Pikmin game… as in NOW

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News by Matt S.

It’s not often that Australia gets to be first with anything to do with video games, but we’re close enough to first to get access to the new Pikmin-themed app. You know, the one that the Pokemon Go people are making. We have access to that now. And we’re only the second nation on the planet to do so.

The game won’t be available globally until much later in 2021, but Australia, along with Singapore, has been selected to be the test markets for the game. All you need to do is head on over to this Website to sign up for the beta.

Because it’s just in beta, you can assume there will be bugs to contend with. You’ll also want to get in early, since the developers have said that they may limit numbers if too many sign up, but if you do want to see what Pikmin in Augmented Reality is like, have at it.

– Matt S.
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