Introducing the new-look Lorin, in the My Time With Dee Dee VNs

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News by Matt S.

As you may know by now, after four full games, we’re shaking things up a bit for the next Dee Dee VN, which is going to be titled “A Week on the Water.” For this one, we’ve got a new artist providing the character designs, and this week we’re unveiling the new-look Lorin.

Dee Dee’s best friend first showed up in the second My Time With Dee Dee visual novel. Bright, sharp, and supremely confident, Lorin’s the big-time genius of the group. She’s also the one with the most… out-there fashion sense. With the next visual novel being set entirely on a luxury yacht, Lorin has an excuse to spend the entire time in her favourite swimwear, and that is exactly her idea of a luxury holiday.

The next VN will feature Dee Dee, Nettie, Lorin and Amelia. Look forward to each of their new designs!

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