Introducing the start of what will be Dee Dee 2.0

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News by Matt S.

We’re four full games in now, and the vision around the Dee Dee visual novels is starting to crystalise further. With each VN tackling a different theme and narrative angle, like performances of a play, we’ve been able to explore all kinds of interesting and different ideas, across the full spectrum, and the structure behind the series seems to be resonating – I’m genuinely proud and chuffed that people are enjoying these games.

Now it’s time to take the next step, because if you’re not progressing, you’re stagnating, as the saying goes. We’re not quite ready to announce the next Dee Dee game, but what I can say is that it’s going to be a light-and-bright comedy this time around (after the dark places the Sade VN goes, we definitely felt the need to swing to the other end of the spectrum) about a week on a luxury yacht. 

While you’ll need to wait for more details in the coming weeks, the point of this little news article is to highlight a new artist that we have working on these VNs. Dee Dee Gen 2, if you will. We think the new Dee Dee’s design is pretty special, but let us know what you think:

The next VN will feature Dee Dee, Nettie, Lorin and Amelia. Look forward to each of their new designs!

– Matt S. 
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