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As long-time readers know, we do try and update DDNet 3-4 times per day, whether that be with news, videos, reviews, interviews or otherwise. You may have noticed that we haven’t done an update today. That’s entirely on me and I need to apologise.

Unfortunately, I’ve had a bit of a personal issue, with my beloved pet rabbit sadly passing away today. As the editor-in-chief of the site, if I go AWOL, it naturally has a knock-on effect on everything that happens here, and I’m just not in the headspace to play catch-up tonight. We’ll be back tomorrow, after I have a chance to rest and reset.

On the plus side, we really do have a big schedule of stuff ahead this week, so stay tuned for all of that – most of it is under embargo right now, but we’re talking JRPGs, hardware coverage, and a bunch of interesting things to share! We’ll be back tomorrow. Many thanks for your patience and support :-).

– Matt S. 
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