Who wants poker with high production values?

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News by Matt S.

Poker is a funny game. It’s gambling, but completely socially legitimised as a game as well. It’s a simple card game, but we do so love the aesthetics of the game. There are plenty of poker games on the market, but Ripstone looks like it’s on to a winner with Poker Club, a new entry with some incredibly high production values.

This game is going to be available on everything – PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One (current and next-gen) and PlayStation (ditto). Poker’s a highly social game, so it’s just as well that all versions of Poker Club will support cross-platform and cross-generation play. That should mean that the pool of players will be large enough to support the touted 200-player sized tournaments and other events.

The game will have an “online” career mode, plenty of minigames and alternatives to standard Texas Hold’em, and plenty of “cinematic” camera angles and a first-person perspective to really immerse yourself in the world of card games.

Just watching the trailer, it does look really, really good. Poker Club will launch this year across all those platforms.

– Matt S. 
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