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Character profile by Matt S.

Hello everyone! Last month we announced the development of the next Dee Dee visual novel; it’s called Sade, and it’s going to be (by far) our biggest and most ambitious project to date.

Sade will also feature five characters, including two that we’ve not met in previous VNs yet. So, over the next couple of weeks, to get you all acquainted with the “Dee Dee crew”, I’m going to write short little profiles of each character. We’ll be starting with Dee Dee herself, of course, and then finishing with the two newcomers. I’m very much looking forward to hearing your thoughts about each of the characters!

And so, without further ado; meet Dee Dee!

Dee Dee

Danica Dee – Dee Dee to all her friends – is the centre of the universe. She’s the perfect being. She’s every ideal all rolled into one. She’s…

Okay, she’s not any of those things, but Dee Dee is a fiercely intelligent, confident individual. Firmly grounded, she knows a lot of things, has a wicked sense of humour, and is fiercely protective of those things that are important to her. Aside from a tempestuous (though ultimately close) relationship with her sister, Dee Dee is almost impossible not to get along with, and her charming, bubbly personality is infectious and able to brighten up every mood.

She’s also the flirty sort. It’s always on her own terms, but she’s cute and sexy, and knows that too. Given that her hobbies and activities include ballet and modelling, she is fit, knows that people like to look at her… and she enjoys the attention a great deal.

Oh, and she also enjoys her movies and video games, of course. JRPGs, indies, artsy stuff, and anything a little bit different, really. She’s no snob and will play and watch anything, but the things she really likes, she gets really deep into.

Naturally, as the main character, Dee Dee has appeared in all visual novels – volumes 1 through 3, to date.

If you’re keen on getting to know Dee Dee before Sade rolls around, you can grab the visual novels on If you support DDNet on Patreon, you will also get the VNs free, with even a $1/month pledge… and you’ll get additional insights information, and sneak peeks that only members can access. Just today we announced a big benefit that will be exclusive to Patreon backers!

– Matt S. 
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