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FMV rom-com Five Dates coming to console, PC

Good Gate Media and Wales Interactive are joining forces for a new live-action, interactive romantic comedy called Five Dates. The game will launch for PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. It’s still very early in the process, but filming will be done remotely: the cast have had iPhones and sound equipment shipped directly to them. Director/writer Raul Raschid (The Complex) will direct the filming, starting this week. It’s set to be released by the end of 2020.

The game stars Mandip Gill (Doctor Who), Georgia Hirst (Vikings), Marisa Abela (Industry), Taheen Modak (Two Weeks To Live), and Sinead Harnett (singer/influencer).

Five Dates follows Vinny, a millennial from London who joins a dating app while living in lockdown. There are five women available for Vinny to date, and the player controls their interactions. The narrative touches on topics exclusive to being on lockdown due to a pandemic, such as compatibility and connection in a world without physical touch.

Don’t miss the new trailer for Lucifer Within Us

I’ve been enthralled with Lucifer Within Us since it was announced last year (almost to the date, actually). Developed by Kitfox Games out of Montreal, the title is the second with Jongwoo Kim as creative director; the first was The Shrouded Isle. This weekend, a new trailer was released, so take a look:

Lucifer Within Us puts the player in the role of a digital exorcist, seeing into alternate timelines of the accused. In addition to solving murders, you’ll have to purify and exorcise the possessed. The digital and the spiritual collide in this world. Everyone is a suspect, but only one can be purified.

The trailer showcases some new gameplay footage of an investigation, and features timeline contradictions where testimony could be based on lies.

There’s a new Lovecraftian game in the pipes

Indie developer Still Running and publisher Merge Games have announced Morbid: The Seven Acolytes. The so-called “horrorpunk” action RPG promises to be filled with Lovecraftian horror and David Cronenberg-inspired gore. It’s also described as being a take on the isometric souplike genre. Maybe not the best title for anyone squeamish! Here’s the announcement trailer:

The player takes on the roll of the last Striver of Dibrom. You’ve trained your entire life to defeat the Seven Acolytes to free the kingdom from their terror. Rich lore will combine with bloodthirsty encounters and challenging foes to create the world of Mornia. Watch your sanity as you progress, as you could lose it completely. Your health and stamina are equally important.

Morbid: The Seven Acolytes will be released later this year for PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Ooblets launching for early access this summer

Let’s be real: really dark, gritty games seem to be the most popular right now (for example, look at the above two stories). Which is good, sometimes, but other times you need something wholesome and colourful and just plain happy – and the perfect game to fit that description is Ooblets. The developer, Glumberland, has announced that the title will launch for Xbox One via Xbox Game Preview and PC early access via the Epic Games Store this (Northern) summer. That’s mere months, or even weeks, to Ooblet heaven! And of course, there’s a new trailer to celebrate the news:

Ooblets is all about farming, collecting, and town life. Quite frankly, it sounds like a huge sigh of relief in game form. It all starts with your customisable character, who can be styled with many outfits and accessories. Your home is customisable as well. You’ll complete daily challenges, earn badges, save the town from questionable forces, and unlock the secrets of Oob.

Perhaps the happiest part of the game is building a phenomenal team of Ooblets to be levelled up, which unlocks new dance moves. Then, complete in dance-offs to win tournaments and earn new seeds.

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