NISA announces musical adventure, Giraffe and Annika

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Bless NISA. Even as the world crumbles around us, NISA continues to pump out the announcements and deliver a full year’s schedule of hyper-niche and absolutely delightful artsy games. The latest one is Giraffe and Annika, a rhythm adventure game with a gorgeous art style and wonderful looking characters.

It released on Steam in February, but hasn’t made much of a splash there, with only 69 people contributing reviews (they do overwhelmingly like it though). NISA’s publishing the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch editions of the game (and it does look like a more Switch/console kind of thing), and they will land in late August or early September, depending on where you live.

The game’s description, from the press release: “A magical, mystery-filled adventure awaits! When a young girl named Annika awakens from a strange dream, she finds herself stranded on the mysterious “Spica Island” with no memory of how she got there. Upon exploring, she meets a boy named Giraffe, who seems to know her, and is tasked with finding three special star fragments on the island in order to unravel the mysteries of her forgotten memories. While searching for the fragments, Annika meets Lily, the Witch of the Mysterious Forest, who challenges her to a battle! Fortunately, Annika emerges victorious, and uncovers a star fragment. She absorbs the fragment and is suddenly granted remarkable visions. What secrets await this unlikely trio of adventurers on the island of Spica?”

There’s also a lengthy trailer to whet your appetite. It really does look like a delight.

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