Recap: Nintendo Switch Indie World Showcase 3/17/2020

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It’s time for a Nintendo Indie World Showcase! Today’s edition was chock full of (mostly) timed exclusives and loads of international teams, and is sure to get you excited for what’s coming to the Nintendo Switch this year. Note that all seasons are Northern, so if you’re down under, summer means winter and spring means fall. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Blue Fire (Robi Studios, Graffiti Games)

Dungeons. Swamps. A hero that can really jump through this platforming adventure. Embark on a journey through a dangerous land. Blue Fire will launch for the Nintendo Switch in Summer 2020 as a timed console exclusive.

Baldo (Naps Team)

The team are fans of action-adventure RPGs, and wanted to create a journey through a magical world with fantastic characters. The art style is Japenese-inspired. There are puzzles and dungeons galore. Baldo will launch for the Nintendo Switch in Summer 2020 as a timed console exclusive.

I Am Dead (Hollow Ponds/Richard Hogg)

A small yet remarkable island has a long, strange history. The museum contains the town’s history. Our protagonist is indeed dead and has ghostly powers such as x-ray vision. Solve the islands mysteries, and you can save it. I Am Dead will launch for the Nintendo Switch this year as a timed exclusive.

Bark (Tic Toc Games)

Bark is short for bio-interstellar ark. In this family-friendly co-op, you’ll try to rid the earth of robots. It’s a side scrolling shooter, and each animal has its own distinct play style. Bark will launch for the Nintendo Switch in Summer 2020 as a timed console exclusive.

Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse (Explosm Games)

This adventure game allows you can explore, solve puzzles, and try to survive in what’s left of our terrible world. Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse will launch for the Nintendo Switch in Summer 2020 as a timed console exclusive.

Summer In Mara (Chibig)

This a tropical adventure is a story about growing up and protecting nature. Take care of your island: farming, boating, making friends. Of course, mysteries await. Summer In Mara will launch for the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2020 as a timed console exclusive.

Quantum League (Nimble Giant Games)

Causality isn’t fixed, and each playthrough can be different. It’s an online FPS “brain bender” with time paradox mechanic. In each round, you’re joined by your clones acting out your previous battles in the arena. Quantum League will launch for the Nintendo Switch in late 2020.

The Good Life (White Owls)

Swery is here! And The Good Life is coming to the Nintendo Switch! It’s a debt repayment RPG set in a British town. The town’s secret? At night, everyone turns into a dog or a cat. Each of your forms has special skills. Oh, and you’ll need to solve a murder along the way. An added bonus: the main form of transportation is riding sheep. The Good Life will launch on the Nintendo Switch sometime this year.

The Last Campfire (Hello Games)

The game is about compassion, empathy, and finding hope. In other words, it is exactly what the world needs now. Don’t expect a No Man’s Sky clone, this is entirely different yet equally beautiful. Seriously, this trailer is going to make you cry. This intimate adventure is a tale of rekindling hope. The Last Campfire will launch for the Nintendo Switch in Summer 2020.

PixelJunk Eden 2 (Q-Games Ltd.)

Promises immersive techno beats and stylistic visuals as you guide beings known as grimps to save other grimps. The stages generate in real-time based on your action. Local multi-player is available. PixelJunk Eden 2 will launch for the Nintendo Switch in Summer 2020.

Faeria (Abrakam SA)

Card game that puts your strategic skills to the test. There’s many modes, including solo, online co-op, and PVP. Four free cosmetic packs will be available at launch, and post-launch will be available as paid DLC. Faeria launched for the Nintendo Switch later this month.

Eldest Souls (Fallen Flag Studio)

Slaying Gods is no simple task. This game is described as a box-rush battler, and features combat customization and unlockable talents. Eldest Souls will launch for the Nintendo Switch in Summer 2020 as a timed console exclusive.

A blast of titles!

This is the part of the showcase where Nintendo throws as many titles at us as possible. Today, these games include:

  • Blair Witch (Bloober Team NA), launching Summer 2020
  • Ghost of a Tale (SeithCG), launching Spring 2020
  • Sky (thatgamecompany, Inc), launching Summer 2020
  • Sky Racket (Double Dash Studios), available later today
  • Superliminal (Pillow Castle), launching Summer 2020
  • Wingspan (Monster Couch), launching Spring 2020
  • Dicey Dungeons (Distractionware Limited), launching in 2020
  • Bounty Battle (Dark Screen Games), launching Summer 2020
  • Moving Out (SMG Studio, DevM Games), launching April 28

Exit the Gungeon (Dodge Roll, Singlecore)

One last thing! The past has been erased. A paradox created. Yet the dungeons remains. It’s a sequel to 2016’s hit, Enter the Gungeon. More intense than the original, the developer promises hundreds of items and shifting rooms. Exit the Gungeon will launch for the Nintendo Switch later today as a timed console exclusive.

Watch the entire showcase!

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