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Roll on the visual novels on Nintendo Switch. There seems to be an explosion of them going on at the moment. The latest is SeaBed, published by Fruitbat Factory. It will launch on March 19 and… well, it’s a rather gorgeous yuri-themed VN that you should very much be looking forward to.

From our review:

“SeaBed is a lot of things. It’s a cute lesbian romance story; it’s a gripping psychological mystery; it’s a low-key slice of life adventure; it’s a piece of travel fiction to inspire wanderlust. Most of all, it’s a look at love, loss, heartbreak, and moving on.”

Fruitbat Factory also released a new trailer to announce the Switch port… hopefully it’s a success. Fruitbat Factory has a lot of visual novels in its library, and the thought of more of them starting to make their way to Switch has me very excited indeed.

– Matt S. 
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