The first Dee Dee visual novel is now live!

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News by Matt S.

I’m going to be a little indulgent here, and use this here website platform that we’ve got to promote a game that we’ve released. That’s right, DDNet is now a game developer and publisher, and our first game is out there in the wild.

My Time With Dee Dee, Volume 0, is a super-short little introduction to the character of Dee Dee, and gives you a taste of what we’re looking to achieve with this series of visual novels that we’ve got planned. It’s got some rather lovely art, music, and voice acting in there, and even has multiple endings.

Okay, so it’ll only take you around 15 minutes to get to those endings, but as I mentioned, this is an introduction. The first full Dee Dee VN, Volume 1, will be a more full-length production (a couple of hours to play), as will each VN after that.

You can check out the full description of the game, and grab it from Remember – Patreon backers will get every VN for free as part of their support for the site, and even $1/month will be enough to get access to each game. As such we do recommend that you support us that way if you’re keen to play all these games… but if you are just interested in the one VN, the option is there to purchase it direct as well.

I hope you enjoy the first VN! And stay tuned, because we will have the first details of Volume 1 very soon.

– Matt S. 
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