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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The original Devil May Cry is coming to Nintendo Switch

News by Matt S. 

Given the success of the Switch port of Onimusha last year, it should probably not come as any surprise that Capcom would dip back into its PlayStation 2 catalogue to find more classics to bring to the console. With a new Devil May Cry storming up the charts on the other consoles, Nintendo Switch players now get to look forward to playing the oldest (and for many, the best) first entry in the series.

The original Devil May Cry lands on console in "summer" (or winter, for us in the southern hemisphere). there are no further details on it at this stage, or any indication that ports of the second and third Devil May Cry titles might follow suit. Perhaps Capcom will wait and see how it sells first.

Now, if only we could also convince Capcom to dust off Clock Tower 3, Haunting Ground, Gregory Horror Show, Chaos Legion... there's a lot of classic games that would go just dandy on Switch.

- Matt S. 
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The original Devil May Cry is coming to Nintendo Switch
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