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Here are the Western release dates for Fate/Extella Link

By Lindsay M., News Editor

Marvelous has announced the European release date for Fate/Extella Link, which means we know know when the title will be available in both North America and Europe. Take a look at the latest trailer:

Fate/Extella Link will be released in North America on March 19, with the European release date a little bit behind; it is set for March 22 (for everything except PC, which will also be out on the 19th).

The game will be available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita. It adds online multiplayer to the series, although anyone playing on the PS Vita will be left out of that part. A sad end to a wonderful handheld…

A new interstellar strategy is coming to consoles courtesy of Paradox

By Matt S., Editor-in-Chief

Paradox Interactive is the premier developer of strategy games out there, thanks to the likes of Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron. The company has announced yet another exciting strategy project in Age of Wonders: Planetfall and the best news of all is that this one is coming to PlayStation and Xbox!

As you might expect, the turn-based game is filled with playable factions and strategic options; you’ll be able to win through both diplomacy and conquest, and there will be plenty of science trees to work through and units to build.

Paradox strategy titles also tend to be quite the storytelling experience, thanks to the depth of strategy, the vision for each of the forces that you can choose, and the ability that players have to really determine the fate of their people. It’s that story side of things that the new trailer, above, addresses, and the promise of a grand old science fiction romp certainly has our attention. The game releases on August 6 for all platforms (sadly, no Switch)

Voez players, download the Switch update now!

By Lindsay M., News Editor

Version 1.6 of Voez has been released for the Switch, and with it comes 16 new songs, making the game’s total stand at a whopping 201 tracks to play through.

The new songs are:

  • “Energy” [Easy] by yourmythos
  • “Race is on” [Hard] by Paul Bazooka
  • “Snow” [Special] by Night Keepers
  • “Angel Wing” [Easy] by Uma
  • “Mont Blanc” [Hard] by Night Keepers
  • “My Real Eden” [Special] by THE SxPLAY (Sayuri Sugawara)
  • “Festival Lights” [Easy] by Mr. Fantastic
  • “Mother” [Hard] by THE SxPLAY (Sayuri Sugawara)
  • “Nyx -Fatal arousal of Madness-” [Easy] by FIG
  • “One Happy Thing a Day” [Hard] by Night Keepers
  • “Hai Dian Nan Lu No. 36” [Special] by THE SxPLAY (Sayuri Sugawara)
  • “Running out of Life” [Easy] by Alpha Legion
  • “Road” [Hard] by Night Keepers
  • “For Kimini Okuru Uta” [Easy] by THE SxPLAY (Sayuri Sugawara)
  • “Take That Ticket” [Hard] by THE SxPLAY (Sayuri Sugawara)
  • “Give” [Special] by Night Keepers

Voez is also available on smartphones, if you’re like me and have been holding off on a Switch (and beginning to wonder why).

Chinese-developed Sword & Fairy 6 coming soon, and looking stunning

By Matt S., Editor-in-Chief

Sword & Fairy 6 promises us a rich world of Chinese fantasy and heroism. Offering a “fusion” of real time and turn-based combat, it’s coming our way on PlayStation 4 on April 2 (April 3 for European/ A/NZ markets).

We need more games like this. With the Chinese games market slowly opening to the world, meaning a new market for foreign developers and publishers, it also means that we should start seeing many more Chinese games and, much like the Japanese, the Chinese do have a culture and sense of aesthetics that lend itself to the RPG form.

No, I don’t know what happened to Sword & Fairy 1 through to 5, though I assume you don’t need to have played and of those to enjoy this one. As you can see from the trailer, it has some delightful old-school tones, so hopefully it also plays a little like the PS2 era Final Fantasies or similar.

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