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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

PQube is getting into development and making its own game

News by Matt S.

PQube is one of the more prominent localisation outfits in the west that, until now, didn't create its own games. The house that brought us the likes of Gal*Gun and Root Letter has a habit of picking up some of the quirkiest and most interesting visual novels and anime-styled projects from Japan... even if some of them end up banned into oblivion (remember Omega Labyrinth?).

Now the publisher is taking the next step and creating games that it can have complete control over. All we have of the first development project is a tweet and a single piece of art (which you can see above). The tweet:

From the watermark in the art, we can also see that the developer that PQube is working with on this project is called ART Co. From this site you can see that the developer has done a lot of work with the likes of FuRyu in the past, so that's a pretty good indicator that the team know what they're doing.

It's going to be interesting to see how this one turns out. If nothing else, that is one incredibly short skirt, so I'm already sold. Good stuff, PQube.

- Matt S. 
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PQube is getting into development and making its own game
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