Happy New Year!

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We survived, and it’s now 2019! It’s time to look forward to the year ahead. The whole DigitallyDownloaded.net team would like to wish everything the very best New Year – we hope it’s a year of great success and happiness for you all.

From the game industry side of things, 2019 should be great. As you would have seen from our series of articles on what each of us on the DDNet team are looking forward to (click here for the full list of articles if you missed that), there’s already a huge variety of stuff worth getting excited for… and most of what will be released this year hasn’t even been announced yet. The Switch is on a blistering roll, the PlayStation 4 is getting towards its twilight, which is always exciting because by now developers really know how to push the technology, and there’s plenty to get excited about around emerging technology like AR and VR. Don’t forget mobile and PC gaming either – there’s a lot of exciting stuff that will happen on those platforms yet.

We hope 2019 is a year where people become kinder and more open-minded too. Try different things – you may not like them, but at least you tried. Allow other people to be different, and have different tastes, and always challenge the games industry to be something more for everyone. We’re at a point of dynamic growth in the games industry, and we should be all working towards making sure it’s the powerful art form it has always promised to be, to go the amazing entertainment medium it has always been.

Finally – and most importantly – we’d like to thank everyone who has read DDNet, in 2018 and all years past. To think that a site as unashamedly niche and focuses as we are could find its audience and develop its voice with confidence is… humbling, to say the least.  We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have readers. It’s a passion project for us all, and we are forever grateful that there are so many of you that enjoy our passions too.

Here’s to a great 2019! DigitallyDownloaded.net will be back on its normal schedule as of January 2… and dear Miku are we going to hit the ground running.

– Matt and the DDNet team.

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