RPG Maker MV comes to consoles, courtesy of NISA

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News by Matt S.

We love the RPG Maker franchise here at DDNet. Easy to use, these software packages allow fans to create the classical sprite-based JRPGs of their dreams. Think you’ve got what it takes to do better than Final Fantasy VI? Well, with RPG Maker, you can put up, or shut up.

Now, thanks to NISA, you’ll be able to play with RPG Maker MV on your consoles. The company is localising the “game” for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Why might you want to make a JRPG using the relatively clumsy interface of a controller, rather than a mouse and keyboard? Put simply, it’s just great fun! We loved the RPG Maker NISA released on the 3DS.

Naturally, once you’ve finished crafting your masterpiece, you’ll be able to upload it to share with people online. NISA is even releasing a free app that will allow people who don’t have the base RPG Maker software to play other people’s creations. That’s right, you’ll be able to mooch off others for an effectively unlimited supply of free JRPGs!

RPG Maker MV for consoles releases in 2019.

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