Have a slumber party with Hatsune Miku, and other DLC news

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News by Matt S.

This week brought some good news for owners of both the Japanese and English versions of Hatsune Miku: Future Tone. English versions got the second DLC pack. Japanese versions got the third, which is new.

The second DLC pack has a one of the real classic Miku tracks: LOL – Lots of Laugh, as well as a stunning strapless red dress for Miku that just has to be seen to be believed. The characters all get suntanned version of their swimwear, too, for people that prefer their vocaloids a little less glowing white.

The third DLC pack, meanwhile, contains more music, which is always most welcome indeed, and some adorable new costumes. Most significantly, the pack includes Miku’s latest Snow Miku costume, a gorgeous blue dress that, well, you couldn’t actually wear in winter because you’d freeze. Also, the DLC pack comes with sleepwear for the characters, so you can enjoy all those wonderful slumber party scenarios between Miku and Rin.

C’mon, it’s not just me, I know it.

For people more interested in having more music, this DLC pack has the excellent 1925 and Amatsukitsune, as well as two others that are also good (but not quite as good)

Here’s the full list of updates for the Japanese 3rd DLC pack. English speakers should look forward to this in a month or so.


Piano x Forte x Scandal” (Music and Lyrics by Oster Project)
“Hibikase” (Music by Giga and Lyrics by Reol)
“Amatsukitsune” (Music and Lyrics by Marasy)
“1925” (Music and Lyrics by T-Pocket, Manipulated by Oreginal-P)


Hatsune Miku: “Phantom Thief Miku,” “Railroad Conductor Nightingale,” “Snow Miku 2017,” “Pajama Party Miku”
Kagamine Rin: “Phantom Thief Rin,” “Tensode,” “Railroad Conductor Golden Sparrow,” “Pajama Party Rin”
Kagamine Len: “Railroad Conductor Silver Vermilion,” “Pajama Party Len”
Megurine Luka: “Railroad Conductor Rose,” “Pajama Party Luka”
Kaito: “Phantom Thief Kaito,” “Railroad Conductor Sky,” “Pajama Party Kaito”
Meiko: “Phantom Thief Meiko,” “Railroad Conductor Red Grape,” “Pajama Party Meiko”

Also: Some new customisation items, and eight songs get new extra hard modes.

– Matt S.
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