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World of Final Fantasy opening revealed, demo coming soon

Be prepared for cuteness overload, as Square Enix has posted the cinematic anime opening for the upcoming World of Final Fantasy ahead of the recently-announced October 17 release of a free playable demo. The above video showcases the adorable graphics and characters in the game without giving too much away. The demo will allow players to experience Reyenn and Lann for an excursion that involves meeting Mirages and Final Fantasy characters — who else is excited to see Lightning?! Completing the demo will give the player the ability to capture Magitek Armour P in the full version of the game. World of Final Fantasy will be released on October 25 for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

Mini Metro (finally!) launching on mobile

Nearly a year after its PC launch, Mini Metro is coming to mobile devices! For those that have been waiting to play the game on mobile, it’s been a long time coming. We loved Mini Metro when it was reviewed last year, but being limited to PC seemed odd for a game with its mechanics; Matt even concluded his review by saying “I would rather have this on iPad, 3DS or Vita, as I do believe it’s the perfect way to get through a real train trip.” The game’s goal is to build the best possible subway map for a growing city. Mini Metro is set to launch on iOS devices on October 18.

Gust teases us with its first concept trailer for Blue Reflection

Gust has released the first “concept” trailer for its new IP, Blue Reflection. This is a game that is very early in development, so the trailer’s not showing off much more than tone, but from it we can see that this game is clearly going to be about school life (and as we’ve seen in titles like Persona 4 there’s nothing wrong with that at all). The game itself seems poised to be a cross between magical girl and slice of life genres, and knowing Gust, it’s going to be a classically endearing JRPG backing the narrative. Blue Reflection is the third “pillar” in Gust’s “Beautiful girls trilogy” that is going to be released over the coming year, with Atelier Firis and Nights of Azure 2 being the other two. While we don’t see any gameplay from this trailer, we can now be 100 per cent certain that Gust will deliver on its promise: the girls in Blue Reflection are gorgeous.

Sony set to once again dip its toes into mobile in 2018

A new report suggests that Sony Interactive Entertainment will release not one but five mobile games based on PlayStation properties in March 2018. This isn’t the first time Sony has released games on mobile: we’ve seen the likes of Uncharted and Little Big Planet make their way to mobile in some form already. The report suggests that Sony will announce these plans by the end of the year. We aren’t surprised to see this with Nintendo going into mobile with full force as seen at the Apple event with Miyamoto presenting a Mario game exclusively for iOS devices. The success of Pokémon GO could also be something that made Sony reconsider its investment in mobile gaming thus far. ForwardWorks will handle distribution for Sony’s mobile games. These games could also interact with the console games based on the same IP as we saw with Uncharted.

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