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Friday, June 17, 2016

One final bit of awesome E3 news: Caligula is getting an English release

News by Matt S. 

Arriving in our inboxes too late to list among our top ten bits of E3 news (though it would have made it if we knew), Atlus has announced that it is taking on the publishing responsibilities of one of the most intriguing games we've seen in quite some time; Caligula.

Caligula has been developed by FuRyu, the same developer behind the deeply underappreciated Lost Dimension. That game was a smart JRPG indeed, with plenty of philosophical musings to twist your mind around, while at the same time offering tight, engaging tactical JRPG action. Though we don't know too much about Caligula yet, just one look at it suggests that it's much the same - a smart JRPG with plenty of philosophical stuff to muse about while wandering around doing the JRPG thing.

The name of the game suggests something quite extreme - Caligula was a Roman emperor and his... decadance... was infamous, to the point that that's what he's still associated with today. There's no sense that any of that is present in the game in an explicit fashion, but we're told that the game is certainly inspired by extreme themes.

There's some screenshots below - Atlus was thin on the details, but it will be a digital-only release in both the US and Europe, and it will retain a Japanese voice track.

- Matt S. 
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One final bit of awesome E3 news: Caligula is getting an English release
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