Who needs to simply build a city when you can also rule it?!

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By this time, it’s safe to say I trust Kalypso with all my city-building needs. I mean, one word sums up my trust quite nicely: Tropico. But Kalypso is now making the leap from city building to city ruling, publishing indie developer Fragment Productions’ Urban Empire.

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Urban Empire is a strategy game that combines city building with politics and 200 years of progress. Needless to say, being mayor of such a place isn’t easy — but that is the role given to the player as they take control of a mayoral dynasty at the beginning of the Industrial Age. It’s up to you to do pretty much everything, from planning city districts to empowering the people (or, if you so choose, stripping them of all democratic rights).

You can choose from four ruling families, each with five different characters. For example, the Kilgannons are all about equal rights and social justice; the Sant’Elias family, on the other hand, would rather focus on scientific progress. Perhaps the niftiest part is that you can introduce new technologies, like antibiotics or video games. There are also dynamic events that represent the uncertainty of urban life, so expect to make decisions on important social issues sucks as women’s rights and live through movements such as the hippies.

Urban Empire is expected for PC in Q3 of this year.

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