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Warm glow of happiness may not be the correct way to explain the feeling this news leaves you with — it’s more like a giant kick to the head of OH MY GOD THIS WILL BE EPIC. Koei Tecmo has released information regarding the game’s pre-order bonus content as well as revealed how the battle system will work in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII.

Since the in-depth battle system is really the core of the game, let’s start there. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII players will experience several types of warfare, including open field, narrow pass, naval, duel, and debates.

Open field battles are massive fights where the player is left to organize units to be in the best position for the attack. Narrow pass battles are all about either holding a strategic pass or creating a line of defence in a narrow passage. The fight moves to the sea with naval battles, with the navy trying to function on rivers instead of land. Duels are executed in a turn-based system, presenting bonuses for those within the battle to allow them to get the upper-hand. Debates, shockingly enough, move the battle from the field to intense conversations; the purpose of this “battle” is to convince people to act a certain way, to raise support, or to benefit your cause.

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Confused by all of that information? The lovely folks over at Koei Tecmo have posted a video to showcase the game’s battle elements as well as its in-game assets.

For fans pre-ordering Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII (seriously, what are you waiting for? You’re still reading and not buying it?) there are three bonus scenarios. Those ordering from independent retailers will receive “The Battle of Red Cliffs” scenario, where Cao Cao captures Jing and is preparing for attack against Sun Quan’s Yanh Province. Amazon’s pre-orders will come with the “Thirteen Heroes” scenario, which follows thirteen heroes as they compete for control of the land. Finally, those ordering via the PlayStation Network Store (up to one month after release) will received the “Punitive Expedition to Lu Bu” scenario, where Lu Bu has tricked Liu Bei to gain control of the Xu province but Liu Bei has joined with Cao Cao to reclaim the land.

Romance of Three Kingdoms XIII will be available as a physical and digital release for PlayStation 4, and for PC via Steam. It’s anticipated release date is 8 July 2016.

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